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Are you seeking clarity in the age of AI? 

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About This Course:

I have designed this Skills-Powered Advantage Framework to help you navigate your own customized career success plan into the realm of the untried and unknown of AI.

There are several key advantages that are available to you TODAY that will serve you well into the future. And being a first mover in mastering the Skills-Powered Advantage Framework will provide you with exponential growth, given that you will be in early, which serves as a force multiplier by having more time on the clock and hands on experience leveraging and building your own skills blocks.

The work of now and next requires vastly different skills than what was needed even a few years ago. In this course we will dive into Skills-First Hiring and how you can make yourself more marketable to Skills-Based Organizations. Hiring is moving to a Skills-First methodology and that’s why I have built the Skills-Powered Advantage Framework - it is a framework to uniquely position you for success and to teach you how to align your efforts to make yourself and what you do a force multiplier, accomplishing multiple things all at once!

Skill-Powered Advantage Framework Week 1


Week 1 - The Future is Skills-Powered! Will You Be? (Out Now!)

In this introductory lesson, I explore the Skills-First movement in hiring, and its implications for your career. The rise of skills-based organizations is fundamentally changing how work gets done, and has massive implications for your career trajectory.



Week 2 - How Will Skills Be Measured and Verified? (Out Now!)

Soft Skills are being renamed Durable Skills, due to their longer shelf-life, and rise in importance in the age of AI. This is leading to the development of the Durable Skills Advantage Framework (DSAF). Here you will learn not only about DSAF, but other frameworks and methodologies that are converging. You will also learn why Certifications will grow in importance, now more than ever.

Skill-Powered Advantage Framework Week 2
Skill-Powered Advantage Framework Week 3


Week 3 - Becoming a Skills-Powered Practitioner (Out Now!)

The trifecta of Business Skills, Durable Skills and AI Skills working in concert to orchestrate your goals will be sweet music to your ears. Here you will learn the importance of your intent, clearly defined, refined and realized through the Skills-Powered Advantage Framework.



Week 4 - Your Skills-Powered Persona through Rapid Reskill (July 17)

Step into your skills-powered future with confidence. Rapid Reskill with skill blocks at the ready for you to deploy whenever and wherever they are needed.


Skill-Powered Advantage Framework Week 4